Sullivan’s Group serves clients seeking to financially protect their family, mortgage, business or retirement accounts through life, health and fixed indexed annuity insurance products. Our unique financial plans help cover Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness costs; protect against market volatility and provide individuals 65 or over with Medicare approved medical coverage.

We offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental , Living Benefits, Tax-Free Retirement and Health Insurance Plans for babies through boomers.

Our Living Benefits plans can provide access to cash in the event of a Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke or terminal illness diagnosis.  Living Benefits can protect your mortgage, business or family from financial despair when stricken with unanticapited medical costs.

Our Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental and Prescription Drug plans cover Baby Boomers turning 65 or older.  We can provide our fellow Veterans on VA or Tri-Care for Life with additional medical coverage through private insurers who offer zero monthly medical plans.

Our Tax-Free Retirement and Fixed Indexed Annuity plans offer a stream of lifetime retirement income.  An Indexed Universal Life  plan for infants can provide tax-free income for education costs, home purchases and retirement. Our Fixed Indexed Annnuities protect IRA’s, 401(k)’s and other retirement accounts from financial loss due to market volatility.

Our services are unique, independent and always complimentary. Our knowledge, experience, integrity, professionalism and processes will help you select the best plan that meets your needs.

Explore our site for more information and visit a page below to begin your Estate Protection plan.

Medicare Plans

Turning 65 or older? Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement & Prescription Drug plans for individuals on Medicare Part A and B.


Medicare Advantage plans with addtional medical benefits for our fellow Veterans with V.A. or Tri-Care For Life Health Benefits.

Living Benefits

Insurance plans designed to protect mortgages, families or businesses if a Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke or Death occurs. 

Tax-Free Income

Tax-free income plans to help cover college costs, home purchases or retirement income.

Health, Dental, Vision

Health, Dental and Vision plans for individuals, families and businesses.

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